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The Widow Maker at the Veterans' Day Parade in downtown Houston.

History Fanatics - Who we are and what we do

Our name comes from a description that was once given to our founding member - Robert - by a history teacher at an event he attended.  He was told that he had more passion than any ten other people.  He has passed that passion on to others, and founded History Fanatics to showcase our passion and love of history.

Enjoying the camaraderie and teaching others the value of history is what we enjoy.  No matter the era, we can all learn from history.  We are safe in our presentations and activities, so that all may enjoy.


Keeping History Alive!

History Fanatics is recognized by the IRS as a Texas-based 501c3 charitable organization.  We are a mobile museum - we are able to come to you and your event.  

Being a 501c3 organization, your donations are tax deductible.  You can do your part in preserving history by either joining us or making a donation.

Keeping History Alive!

Our mission is keeping our history from disappearing.  Our motto is Keeping History Alive!  We do this through extensive research. artifact acquisition (purchase or donation), detailed restoration, and public display.  

We not only preserve the artifacts, but also the stories behind them.


Remembering the Past while leaning into the Future

Art teaches us to dream.   

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics gives us the ability to act on our dreams. 

Take your time, look around, ask questions, and enjoy spending some time learning how we do things.  Hopefully, you'll appreciate our love and passion for history as much as we do.  We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.  And, if you have questions, use the button below to contact us.