The Widow Maker Gun Truck

The Widow Maker in action in Vietnam.  That's 2,000 rounds of .50 BMG going downrange per minute!

Replica Vietnam War Quad .50 Gun Truck

The photo to the left shows the The Widow Maker in action in Vietnam.  

History Fanatics built a replica of The Widow Maker to honor the original crews who served with the quad trucks, as well as all those who survived because of what they did.

The Widow Maker is a replica Vietnam quad .50 gun truck.  It is built to look like the original truck in October 1967.  The truck was built / restored using original photographs provided by both the National Dusters, Quad, Searchlights Association and the original truck's crew-chief.  

History Fanatics took special attention to make sure every detail is correct to the original.  

Building the Replica

It's not easy to build a replica of a specialized vehicle, such as a quad .50 gun truck.  Each original truck had modifications to suit its crew.  We were lucky to meet Mr. LaBarre who gave us permission to build a copy of his truck, supplied his expertise (he served in all positions on The Widow Maker), and let us use copies of his original photos.

A big Thank You! to Mr. Peter Kopsick of the National Dusters, Quads, Searchlights (and HAWKS) Association for his guidance and help.

Last, but not least, is the help provided by members of the National U.S. Armed Forces Museum in Houston, Texas.