History Fanatics' Historic Vehicles

The Widow Maker


The Widow Maker is a replica of the original quad .50 Gun Truck which served in the I Corps area of Vietnam.  The Widow Maker was built using original photographs provided by the vehicle's crew chief and the Historian for the National Dusters, Quads, Searchlights Association.

Vietnam Gun Jeep


1967 M151A1 Ford MUTT, aka Jeep.  Currently undergoing restoration.

We took the restoration page down, as it was getting a bit cumbersome to maintain.  Rest assured, the page will return once the Gun Jeep is restored.

Vietnam M725 Ambulance


1968 Kaiser M725 Ambulance.  Currently awaiting restoration.

Rome Plow


Currently searching for 1960's Caterpillar D7D or D7E for History Fanatics' Rome Plow project.

M123 Prime Mover

This image shows an M123 with trailer transporting either an M69 or M75 armored personnel carrier.

In order to move the Rome Plow around, Robert decided he needed to acquire and restore an M123 10-ton truck tractor.  Photos and information coming.

1930's Ford Sedan

In keeping up with our 1920's/1930's living history project, we are currently looking for a 1930's Ford Fordor sedan.